Bear's Head Tooth Kit Instructions

Stage 1: Colonization

Mushrooms breath oxygen.  In order to grow properly, they need access to oxygen and the ability to get rid of carbon dioxide (just like us!) When your kit arrives, the top portion of the bag that it’s in will be wrapped tight against the body of the kit. Remove the piece of tape that’s holding the kit wrapped, and stand the top (empty) portion of the bag upright.  You’ll see a white patch on the bag.  This has tiny holes (0,2 microns wide) that allow gasses through, but keep contaminants out.  Be careful to avoid touching the patch as much as you’re able. It is possible to push some organisms through it with your finger.

Place your Bear’s Head Tooth kit someplace thats completely dark and near room temperature.  The culture inside will slowly take over.

Bear’s Head Tooth is known for wanting to produce mushrooms early.  If you see baby mushrooms forming, fold the top of the bag back down like it was when your kit arrived, and return your kit to a dark place.

Once the white mycelium has reached all parts of the substrate, you’re ready to move on to the next stage.  If you’re not ready yet (e.g. you’re traveling out of town for a while), simply wrap your kit back up like it was when it arrived and place it in the fridge.  It should be OK in the fridge for a couple months.

Stage 2: ...

The rest of the instructions are coming soon! There have been a series of emergencies and weather events that have kept us tied up.

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